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About Edgar

Edgar has always had an attraction to art and creative expression. His photography career spans nearly 30 years and has covered a wide array of photo genres. He graduated from International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida (now known as the Miami International University of Art & Design). Soon after he attended the Photography and Digital Art program at Miami-Dade College.

While working in graphic design and acquiring experience in areas such as fashion photography and photojournalism, he graduated from the preceptorship program at the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's Office training in forensic and bio-medical photography.

Soon after he accepted a position as medical photographer at a Miami area hospital where he still works to this day documenting medical procedures and creating images for marketing initiatives..


Edgar has trained and studied under photography legends such as the late portrait master Monte Zucker and renowned wedding photojournalist Denis Reggie. After perfecting his wedding and portrait styles he established Edgar Estrada Photography and


His portraiture style is a mix traditional techniques with a modern edge. Edgar captures his portrait subjects with minimalist poses that create a relaxed an natural feel. His wedding photography has been described as "contemporary with a classic touch". He documents the special day unobtrusively, capturing the events as the day unfolds in an artistic and stylish manner. His elegant albums create a work of art that you would be proud to display.

In addition to his wedding and portrait work, he keeps his calendar busy with commercial and corporate

clients including firms such as; NBC Universal, YUM! Brands, Benetti Yachts, Siemens, American Red Cross, Flipany, Esperanza Magazine, Virtual Imaging and The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons.

His photography passion extends to Landscape Fine Art Focusing on the beauty of South Florida well as global destinations.

Tel: 305-992-8541

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